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Insurance & Employee Assistance Programs

Do you take insurance?

Yes, ABHS is in network with most major insurance companies including TennCare and TriCare. If we do not take your insurance, we can provide you with a superbill for reimbursement through your insurance provider. We do not currently take Medicare.

How much is my co-pay?

Co-pays vary by insurance companies and plans. The best way to find out what your copay will be for services is to contact your insurance company at the number listed on the back of your card and ask what the copay will be for mental health services. Your co-pay must be paid prior to your session.

Do you take Employee Assistance Programs?

If ABHS is a provider with your EAP, your company should provide you with the name of the company that oversees the EAP and an authorization number. If ABHS is a provider, our licensed clinicians can see you via your EAP. Please have your authorization number available when you call to schedule. We cannot call your EAP to determine your EAP benefits. 

What is the self pay rate?

 The self pay rate for sessions is $100 per 50 minute session. Full payment for the session is collected prior to session.

Can I make a payment online?

Yes, we can take payment through our online payment system. Please click on the “For Clients” tab.

Good Faith Estimate

See here for our information on the Good Faith Estimate required by federal law for all clients

What if I need my clinician to provide documentation?

Completion of outside documentation for treatment purposes is billed at the rate of $25 per hour. We are unable to provide outside documentation before you have completed four consecutive sessions with your clinician. It is at the clinician’s discretion whether they will complete requested documentation. 

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