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Individual Counseling

At Allied Behavioral Health Solutions, we believe that relationships are essential to positive outcomes, especially when life is difficult. Major life changes, parenting, difficulties in relationships, trauma and mental health concerns are some of the reasons that individuals seek counseling. The relationship that counseling provides allows individuals to explore their circumstances, work with a professional to identify solutions to concerns, and to work towards better life outcomes.
Counseling establishes a safe space where individuals and families meet with a Licensed Mental Health Clinician (LCSW, LPC, LMFT) to discuss whatever concerns an individual may have. Allied Behavioral Health Solutions provides counseling for individuals of all ages, from families with infants/very young children, pediatrics, through geriatrics. These sessions are completely confidential and are often covered by insurance.
Allied Behavioral Health Solutions provides individual counseling services for a variety of needs.


ABHS clinicians utilize different types of modalities to meet the client where they are in their healing journey. ABHS clinicians are certified in many different evidenced based practices.

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