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  • Alison Peak

Another year’s over…

My father was always a huge fan of the Beatles. Lately, John Lennon’s song Happy Christmas has been on repeat in my mind. What does this mean for another year to be over? For a new one to begin? As much as the holidays bring about time for family, relaxation from work, and hopefully some enjoyment, they also bring about the end-the end to another year. Part of behavioral health is looking back and considering the meaning of things. This end of the year season is a fitted occasion for such reflection. What is it that was achieved this year? What was an occasion where you felt proud? Intelligent? Connected to those around you? Maybe your year wasn’t all you wanted it to be. Was there something left undone this year? A hope unmet? The process of ending anything, from a long-term relationship to another year, is also a process of grief. With grief there are often big emotions of fear, disappointment, sadness, joy for what’s remembered, and ultimately acceptance for where we are in life. Sometimes this process of grief needs some help and insight from an impartial third party-we’re always here.

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