• Alison Peak

Turtle Dove’s Journey Home

Turtle Dove and Lovey Dove are a pair of Doves that live in my office. They are part of the Kimochis curriculum, so I can’t take credit for their story or their cuteness. The story goes that Turtle Dove wasn’t safe to live with his birth mom and dad and so came to live with Lovey Dove. Now Lovey Dove keeps him safe under her wing. Turtle Dove and Lovey Dove are used a lot in my daily work. The majority of children and families that I have the privilege of working with hold DCS involvement or adoption as part of their story. It means a lot to many of my clients and families to know that Turtle Dove and Lovey Dove have a story similar to theirs. A few weeks ago, Turtle Dove disappeared. His disappearance was made worse by the fact that one of my kiddos who is most attached to Turtle Dove is the one who discovered him missing. I searched everywhere. In couches, under chairs, moved furniture, took the opportunity to dust a lot of things, no Turtle Dove.  In a panic, I emailed the folks over at Kimochis and explained the dire situation. No Turtle Dove-How was I going to be able to show stability and reunion to kids who so desperately needed this reference point? I was thrilled when the creators wrote back and said that would not only supply a new Turtle Dove, but also send extras so that there was never a moment of such loss in my office again. Turtle Dove is so happy to be back with Lovey Dove-and now he has brothers and sisters, just in case.




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