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Supervision is a supportive environment for professionals who work with vulnerable populations to access their own work and prevent burnout. Allied Behavioral Health Solutions views supporting professionals, new and seasoned, to continue their good work as an essential piece of meeting the needs of greater society.

LCSW Supervision

Supervision for MSWs seeking LCSW licensure is provided in both individual and group settings.

LPC-MHSP Supervision

Supervision for master level clinicians seeking LPC-MHSP licensure is provided in both individual and group settings.

Reflective Supervision/Consultation

Reflective Supervision is best exhibited by the value it places on relationship-based practice. Reflective Supervision attunes to the relationships that professionals have with the families they serve, the relationships among the families, and the relationship between the professional and the supervisor. This parallel process is an avenue to supporting the exploration and work with vulnerable populations. Reflective Supervision/Consultation is a best practice standard for professionals working with infants, very young children, and their families. Reflective Supervision/Consultation is also a requirement to receive the Infant Mental Health Endorsement® for Culturally Sensitive, Relationship-Focused Practice Promoting Infant Mental Health through AIMHiTN. Allied Behavioral Health Services is able to provide RS/C for Endorsement®. Reflective Supervision/Consultation is provided in both individual and group settings.

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