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IECMH Consultants Collective

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We Are

Housed within Allied Behavioral Health Solutions and working in partnership with Raising A Nonprofit, The IECMH Collective exists to increase access between early childhood-focused organizations and experts in the field. Improved well-being and outcomes of children and families in specific communities, states, territories, and tribal nations, set standards for an expectation of child and family well-being nationally and internationally. Improved IECMH systems and programs in one location set the stage for improved IECMH systems and programs world wide. The
Collective exists, in many ways, to move forward IECMH visions of change through flexible and innovative staffing and support.


The Collective brings together individuals with experience across various facets of IECMH work to support the successful development, launch, and sustainability of IECMH programming which raises up young children and families. The individuals who comprise the Collective bring years of experience and expertise in clinical practice, reflective practice, grant writing, programmatic development and oversight, fiscal management, and graphic design. Cumulatively, the Collective is able to provide back bone support to a broad range of IECMH efforts, working collaboratively to follow the 

lead of communities and local leaders to address gaps in capacity.

What We


How to

The IECMH Consultants Collective welcomes professionals from a variety of fields and backgrounds with one common mission: To use the skills and expertise to strengthen and build the field of Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health to better serve our youngest

citizens. If you are interested in joining the Collective, we welcome you to email our Program Support Specialist here to learn more or begin the application process.

Applications that show a high quality of work, prominent and lasting impact in their field, and display skills currently needed in the Collective will be extended an invitation to interview with the Collective Leads. 


Completing the application process does not guarantee entry into the Collective.


*Note: If an individual is identified as being qualified for entry, but there is no current

need of the services offered, the applicant may be placed on a waitlist system. Applicants on the waitlist may be granted expedited entry to the Collective if a need for the services provided arises. Applicants on the waitlist do not have to re-do the application process before joining.

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