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Good Faith Estimate

 A Good Faith Estimate is now required by federal law for all clients who are self-pay either because of lack of insurance or due to waiving the use of their insurance for coverage of services. As noted in the fiscal policy in our intake paperwork, ABHS accepts most major insurances for behavioral health services. However, for individuals declining to use their health insurance or who are self-pay, ABHS charges at a rate listed below 


The frequency and duration of services are generally an hour once a week to begin services. This can vary and frequency of services is reduced as quickly as deemed clinically appropriate. We encourage you to ask your clinician about their recommendations for treatment at the beginning of services.

However, a maximum estimate of services for a one-year duration of weekly appointments would result in costs of $5,200. Medication management appointments, if deemed clinically appropriate, generally occur every month to every 3-months depending on clinical need. Medication management services for a one-year duration at monthly frequency would result in additional costs of $1,200.


ABHS offers a sliding fee scale which requires a client to provide copies of the previous year’s W2 or their last 2 paystubs. The sliding fee scale is then negotiated between ABHS fiscal staff and the client. Please note that this Good Faith Estimate is not reflective of any previously negotiated rates for sliding scale.


If you have any questions about these policies, please don’t hesitate to contact us at the information below.

Good Faith Estimate: The Clinic
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